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November 2012
Winter is rapidly approaching and your local tourism bureau is eager to promote business activity and tourism opportunities in their local area.

I managed a number of large Chambers of Commerce years ago and can tell you from firsthand knowledge that when the cold, snowy weather arrives, the sidewalk sales stop, the street carnivals diminish, and all tourism groups are actively looking for activities that will draw in visitors and generate cash flow for their member companies. The snowmobile clubs and associations located in the snow-belt are natural partners to join together with the tourism association to promote snowmobiling and winter tourism collectively.

The members of your local tourism groups and your provincial and state tourism organizations are now available to meet with you and partner on promotional events. You should consider taking the executive directors of the organizations and maybe a few of their board members for a snowmobile ride. The Go Snowmobiling campaign is a perfect vehicle for you to use when you invite tourism folks to “Go Snowmobiling.” Most people will jump at the chance and join you to go snowmobiling. We all know they will have a good time and their smiles will be long lasting. In addition, you will make new friends and partners who have the ability, the skill and often the financing available to help promote the local snowmobile clubs, the associations/federations and related businesses in the area.

Short, well planned, simple rides will also be supported by the local news media and or radio and TV stations, since they are connected to the Chamber of Commerce or the Visitors Bureau.

The snowmobile clubs and associations have some very important assets (club houses, trails, association members, and the fun of simply snowmobiling and enjoying the great outdoors) that should be introduced to the tourism groups.

We have recently contacted CVBs and Chambers of Commerce and Tourism Bureaus in North America, introducing them to the Go Snowmobiling campaign as well as our Safe Riders! Safety campaign. We are receiving many inquiries in this office for campaign material and support material for the Go Snowmobiling effort. A contact with your Chamber will prove to benefit your clubs and associations.

The Take a Friend Snowmobiling Guidebook is conveniently located on the website as well as photos and other support material you can use in promoting the activity with your Tourism partners. We have a great product to offer and we encourage you to make that phone call and/or stop in the office to say hello and ask them to Go Snowmobiling.

Statistics contained in many economic impact studies are well known to those of us in the business, but they are not that well known to the directors of the local Tourism Bureaus. Snowmobiling now generates well over $30 Billion dollars of economic activity and recent economic impact studies are showing that snowmobiling tourism is outperforming all other forms of tourism activity!!! The snow is coming and now is the time to grow your club and association and attract some new partners.
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Upcoming Snowmobiling Events
Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign
January 1- March 31, 2014
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International Snowmobile Safety Week
January 18-26, 2014
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The Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt
February 14-16, 2014
Valcourt, Quebec, Canada

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The Colorado Snowmobile Association won the 2013 Take A Friend Snowmobiling Contest sponsored by the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association whose members are Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris, and Yamaha. The members of the CSA and their clubs took 486 individuals snowmobiling in Colorado this past winter of 2012-2013.
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The snowmobile community generates over 28 billion dollars in economic activity in North America. Snowmobiling supports over 90,000 full time jobs and generates millions of tax dollars.
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