There are four major manufacturers that build snowmobiles. They are: Arctic Cat—headquartered in Plymouth, MN; BRP—headquartered in Valcourt, Quebec; Polaris Industries—headquartered in Medina, MN; and Yamaha Motor Corporation—headquartered in Cypress, CA.

In 2014 there were 157,106 snowmobiles sold worldwide; 54,028 were sold in the U.S. and 48,758 were sold in Canada.

There are 1.4 million registered snowmobiles in the US and 594,276 registered snowmobiles in Canada.

The Economic Impact of Snowmobiling:
United States—$ 26 billion annually
Canada—$ 8 billion annually
Europe & Russia—$5 billion annually

Over 100,000 full time jobs are generated by the snowmobile industry in North America. Those jobs are involved in manufacturing, dealerships and tourism related businesses.

The average age of a snowmobiler is 44 years old.

The average snowmobiler rides their snowmobile 1620 miles (2607 km) per year in North America.

53% of the snowmobilers usually trailer their snowmobiles to go riding. 47% either snowmobile from their primary residence or have a vacation home where they keep and use their snowmobiles.

Snowmobilers are caring neighbors, they raise over $3 million for charity annually.

There are over 225,000 miles of groomed and marked snowmobile trails in North America that have been developed by volunteer clubs working with local government and private land owners.

There are over 3000 snowmobile clubs worldwide, involved in trail grooming and charity fund raising and family activities.

There are over 42 registered non-profit associations representing snowmobilers in the U.S., Canada and Scandinavia.

Snowmobiling is great exercise that brings people outdoors to interact with nature and each other. It is an invigorating sport that is great for stress release and good mental health.

Snowmobiling is a great family lifestyle. It is an activity that keeps parents and kids together. Historically individuals who snowmobile at a young age continue to snowmobile with their parents throughout their lives, sharing great experiences as a family. In many winter regions, snowmobiling is simply the main form of winter outdoor recreation and in some cases the main method of transportation available.

The use of snowmobiles in National Parks is regulated by Federal Law Enforcement. The snowmobiling occurs on roads groomed and marked for snowmobiling, the same roadways used by recreational vehicles, cars, trucks and busses. Snowmobiles are NOT used as off-road vehicles in National Parks such as Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain and Grand Teton.

On U.S. National Forest Land, most of the trails used by snowmobiles are on groomed roads used by summer recreationists. There are also secondary and seasonal roads within the forests used by snowmobilers. These roads are groomed and marked by volunteers who work closely with the local U.S. Forest Service staff in maintaining and managing those areas.

The manufacturers have always been actively involved in promoting safe riding behavior while snowmobiling. Over one million safety related brochures, decals and hundreds of thousands of posters and safety videos have been distributed free of charge to safety trainers, enforcement officers, Travel Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, Convention and Visitor Bureaus, and snowmobile enthusiasts throughout the world.

State/Provincial snowmobile registrations for 2013-2014 season were as follows:

# registeredState
# registered
AK 52,380SD 14,589
CA 19,700UT 23,200
CO 28,023VT 23,872
ID 41,635WA 24,520
IL 26,493WI 237,803
IN 9,500WY 33,000
IA 25,995AB 36,000
ME 80,000BC 37,000
MA 12,400MB 34,587
MI 205,351NB 16,612
MN 258,000NF 101,380
MT 44,885NS 5,700
NE 899NT 4,800
NH 44,349NU 287
NY 115,982ON 150,000
ND 12,310PE 1,608
OH 11,893QC 184,908
OR 14,132SA 20,495
PA 36,351YT 899
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The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association Partners With OPEI and NMMA on the "Look Before You Pump" Ethanol Education Campaign
The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) has partnered with the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) in the "Look Before You Pump" campaign, an ethanol education and consumer protection program.
Yellowstone Announces Lottery for New Non-Commercially Guided Snowmobile Access Program
Applications will be accepted starting September 3, 2014, for those interested in obtaining a permit to take a non-commercially guided snowmobile trip into Yellowstone National Park this winter.
The Farmers' Almanac Predicts A Colder Winter
The Farmers' Almanac is predicting a colder winter for much of the nation this year. The publication has been predicting the weather since 1818 and touts an 80% success rate.
$10 Million National Recreational Trails Program Benefits Snowmobiling
2014 The Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) is pleased that a portion of the $10 million trail funding investment in Canada to the National Trails Coalition from the Federal Government will be available for infrastructure improvements to our members' snowmobile trails.
Worldwide Snowmobile Sales Jump 9%
The snowmobile community is optimistic following the above-average snowfall throughout most of North America this past winter. The industry has experienced increases in sales, show attendance and miles ridden.
SAE Snowmobile Challenge 2014 Winner Announced
The 15th Annual SAE Snowmobile Challenge was held at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI on March 4-8, 2014. This year 17 Universities registered for the event. The members of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association—Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris and Yamaha—are proud gold-level sponsors of the event. Representatives from all of the manufacturers were involved in the event and supported the skilled students from the participating universities and colleges.
Consumer Insight Study Shows Snowmobile Enthusiasts Consider Snowmobiling a Family Activity
Thanks to snowmobiling, winter has become a season to enjoy. Ask any of the three million people who take pleasure every year in the beauty of winter on the over 200,000 miles of groomed and marked snowmobile trails throughout North America.
Paper Cut-out Snowmobile Ready for Use
The Take a Friend/Go Snowmobiling campaign is pleased to present a new addition to its list of ready to use snowmobiling campaign material.
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