Go Snowmobiling Campaign 2020

The Go Snowmobiling campaign has been a great success. Clubs, Groups, and Associations across North America have held Military Rides, Political Rides, and often just have fun holding snowmobile rides with friends and family alike. There is still a good bit of winter to come this year and trails and riding areas in many parts of North America are in great shape.

During this time of year, we are seeing a little bit more daylight and the temperatures may be a little warmer. The additional daylight improves our opportunity for a great ride and enjoying the scenery.

The Go Snowmobiling rides that I have participated in highlighted for me the “wow-factor” and the pure enjoyment that people have when they first ride a snowmobile. I have ridden a number of times with first-time snowmobilers and they couldn’t quit talking about how much fun it was and how they couldn’t wait to do it again. Thankfully I was well prepared for the ride and made sure that my guests were well dressed and comfortable. I have been fortunate enough to snowmobile with many individuals who have much more experience than myself. I have learned that with a little prior planning and thought, we can shape our friends’ experience in snowmobiling with us which helps determine if snowmobiling wins over another convert. When you take a friend snowmobiling, remember that your friend may not be experienced. Keep the ride slow, short, and simple. Chances are that your normal ride would seem like a marathon to an uninitiated friend. Don’t show off or push the envelope or challenge your friends to ride beyond their capabilities or their comfort zone. Remember, you are the one that snowmobiles a lot and understands your machine. Let your friend enjoy that first day of snowmobiling. We create ‘Miles of Smiles’ and it is so easy to do. People love getting out in the winter and snowmobiling. If they have never been snowmobiling or if it has been a while since they have ridden, we provide safety training first and bring them warm clothing and gear to use. The cute jackets, as we know do not work. They may look better for a photo op, but out on the trail, where it really matters, warmth is the key to an enjoyable ride. Again, go slow, make it short, make it simple, and remember that it is always a good idea to feed them well.

The Go Snowmobiling campaign is also joined with the Safe Riders! Campaign. Remember that we have a safety video chapters that can be found on our website at: www.snowmobile.org/snowmobile-videos.html or www.gosnowmobiling.org/snowmobiling-resources.html

The videos are a great tool when introducing a friend to snowmobiling and will help make the ride more enjoyable for everyone.

You should also visit and “Like” our Facebook page before participating in a Go Snowmobiling ride. Our Facebook page is www.Facebook.com/GoSnowmobiling. When looking at the page you will notice that many snowmobilers are posting pictures and their experiences on the page. We now have many Friends who visit regularly and it is common for snowmobilers to send out informative posts that are forwarded snowmobile enthusiasts worldwide. There is also a short general survey on our Facebook page, so when you visit the page, consider answering a few simple survey questions. We are constantly surveying snowmobile customers to see how we can better serve you and how we can help you enjoy your snowmobiling activity. Rest assured, we do not use or forward your information to anyone!

When you consider putting together a Go Snowmobiling ride, just remember that individuals who don’t own a snowmobile – WANT to go snowmobiling! Research shows that on a scale of 1 to 10, they rate their level of interest as a 9. People that you know, who don’t snowmobile, want to snowmobile. Remember they also want to enjoy snowmobiling for the same reasons you do:

  1. To enjoy the scenery
  2. To get outdoors to have fun with family and friends.
  3. To go to unique places that they can’t reach any other way to see amazing sights.
  4. To have fun in the winter outdoors and be able to go home tired and be ready for a good night’s sleep.
This year the week of February 8-17, 2020 has been designated Take a Friend Snowmobiling Week. So please, go out and have fun, take a friend snowmobiling, and enjoy this wonderful winter.

The attached PSA depicts a snowmobiling as a fun social activity so always go Snowmobiling with a Friend.

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